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Lovely! Tons of charm. The music and art were really pleasant. The art in particular was really excellent. Took me about 5 minutes to beat it, I'd love to see it fleshed out more, the gameplay was simple but engaging. It was pretty intuitive too, but not so much that it was a cinch.

Two programming faults I found: If you hold the jump button you continually jump every time you come in contact with the ground, and if you hold left or right against a wall while falling you get suspended in mid air.

Fun game! Nice visual style, and the controls are really responsive and crisp. The gravity concept isn't original but it's done pretty well. Someone else mentioned it too, but one of the things that bugged me was the heavy blocks. I thought it was really counter intuitive because that's not how gravity works, heavy things fall at the same rate as lighter things, so it took a while to get used to it, and even then it was kinda frustrating. Another niggly thing is with the level design, some of the levels just have identical challenges back to back. It just seems more unfair than challenging, because the player already did it once. But I'm just nitpicking, it's a simple game executed pretty well. Good job! :D

Primajin responds:

Hey thanks :) - Heavy things do fall the same, but denser objects fall faster I'm pretty sure, for example a sheet of paper and a scrumpled up sheet of paper, I'm no physicist though so that could be completely wrong haha. I'll keep the thing about the puzzles in mind :)

Neat game. Clever idea, and some good design. But the controls are really frustrating. The character accelerates too slowly, and there's not nearly enough friction when he stops. The collision detection is kind of janky too, simple stuff like getting stuck in walls and landing on platforms. Needs to be tidied up. Other than that it's pretty good!

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